VBA Macro Automation

  • Introduction of VBA & Macro.
  • Introduction of all Types of Windows (Properties Window, Project Window, Code Window, Local Window, Watch Window, Immediate Window)
  • Introduction of Sub & Function Procedure
  • Naming of Procedure
  • Write Our First Code.

Working With Variable & Data Types

  • Introduction of Variable & Data Types.
  • Naming of Variable
  • Introduction of Object Variable.
  • Set the Object Variable – Workbook Object, Worksheet Object, And Range Object
  • Introduction of Public And Private Declaration.
  • Introduction of Static Declaration.

Working With Workbook Object.

  • Introduction of Thisworkbook And Activeworkbook
  • Add Workbook
  • Delete Workbook
  • Rename Workbook.
  • Save Workbook In Different Format (.Xlsx, .Xlsm, .Xls, .Xlsb, .Xltx, .Xltm, .Xlt, .Pdf And Many More)
  • Create Workbook Object
  • Other Automation

Working with Worksheet Object.

  • Add Worksheet
  • Delete Worksheet
  • Rename Worksheet
  • Create Worksheet Object
  • Move or Copy The Worksheet to Another Workbook.
  • Activate Worksheet.
  • Other Automation

Working With Cells & Range Object.

  • Create Range & Cells Object
  • Highlight Cells & Range
  • Copy & Paste
  • Find the Last Column & Row.
  • How to Activate Cells
  • Goto Special.
  • Cell Formatting & Number Formatting.
  • Sort & Filter.
  • Find & Select.
  • Basic & Advanced Filter.
  • Hyperlink.
  • Print Excel Sheet.
  • Other Automation

Error In VBA.

  • All Types Of Error In VBA (Application-Defined Or Object-Defined Error, Object Doesn’t Support This Property Or Method)
  • All Types Of Error Handler Using In VBA Ex. On Error Resume Next, On Error Goto 0 And Label.

Application, Worksheet & VBA Function

  • Vlookup, Hlookup, Countif, Countifs, Match, And Other Functions.
  • Using If, Iif, Switch, And, Or, Like, Goto Statement, And Select Case In VBA Syntax.

VBA Protection & Security

  • Workbook, Worksheet, Range, and Object Protection
  • VBA Project Protection, and Password Breaker


  • Worksheet Event (Activate, Change, Selection, Deactivate And Other Event)
  • Workbook Event (Activate, Open, Close And Other Event)


  • Static Array.
  • Dynamic Array.
  • Single And Multi-Dimension Array.
  • Live Array VBA Projects.

Loop In VBA

  • For Next Loop
  • For Each Loop
  • Do Loop/ Do While/ Do Until
  • Nested Loop
  • Excel Based Automation Projects Based On Queries

Pivot Table & Pivot Chart

  • Create A Pivot Table From VBA.
  • Create Chart From VBA.

File Folder Management.

  • Using Late Binding & Early Binding Methods In VBA Projects.
  • Using Microsoft Scripting Runtime For Manage Folder And File.
  • Rename Folder, Create Folder And Delete Folder.
  • Rename File, Create File, Delete File, And Move File To One Folder To Another Folder.
  • Looping Over Folder And File.
  • Using File Dialog Box.
  • Using File & Folder Pickers.
  • Extract File Name From Folder With Using Dir Function

Udf (User Defined Function)

  • Create Many Types Of Udf Function For Calculation.
  • Create Volatile & Non-Volatile Function.

User Form

  • Create User Form By Using The VBA Code.
  • Creating Custom Dialogue Box In Userform
  • Using All Types Of Control In User Form(Combobox, Listbox, Checkbox, Optionbutton.

Creating A Word Document

  • Referencing The Word Object Library.
  • Using Late Binding And Early Binding Method For Creating A New Instance Of Word.
  • Save Word Document In Different Format (.Docx, .Docm, Doc, And Pdf)
  • Copy Data And Chart Into Word
  • Writing And Formatting Text.

Creating Outlook Emails

  • Referencing The Outlook Object Library.
  • Using Late Binding And Early Binding Method For Creating A New Instance Of Outlook.
  • Opening An Outlook Application And Creating A New Mail.
  • Send Email From Outlook With A Signature From VBA
  • Send Emails From Outlook From VBA With Attachment.
  • Looping Over Sending Emails.
  • Creating Outlook Event.

Creating A Powerpoint Presentation

  • Referencing The Powerpoint Object Library.
  • Using Late Binding And Early Binding Method For Creating A New Instance Of Powerpoint.
  • Creating Presentation & Slides.
  • Copying Tables & Charts Into Powerpoint.
  • Adding And Formatting Textboxes.

Working With Ms Access And Excel

  • Referencing The Ms Access Object Library.
  • Using Late Binding And Early Binding Method For Creating A New Instance Of Ms Access.
  • Create Table.
  • Import And Export Data In Ms Access To Excel.
  • Using Sql Query In VBA
  • Using Some Objects For Ms Access In Excel.
  • Create Forms from Wizard.
  • Using Query in Forms.
  • Using VBA code in Forms.

Adodb Method (Microsoft Activex Data Object 6.1)

  • Create A Connection Between Sql Server And Excel By Using Adodb.
  • Using All Types Of Sql Cursor In VBA.
  • Create Table, Drop Table In Sql Server Using VBA.
  • Import & Export Data From Sql Server.
  • Modifying Data, Inserting Data.
  • Using Sql Stored Procedure In VBA.

Web Crawling

  • Web Crawling With Browser Internet Explorer.
  • Creating Html Document.
  • Understanding The Html Tags And Use Them For Crawling
  • Fetch the data from HTML Document
  • Using Get And Post Request In Crawling
  • Using All Types Of Web Elements.

Add-Ins And Custom Ribbons

  • Understanding of XML Code
  • Creating Add-Ins And Custom Ribbon For Excel.
  • Creating Add-Ins And Custom Ribbon For Word.
  • Creating Add-Ins And Custom Ribbon For Powerpoint.